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Ngupulya Pumani

Maku Inma Pakani

2800mm x 1740mm
Acrylic paint on linen

The Maku Tjukurpa (witchetty grub songline) is a significant songline from Mimili. It is a story about mai (food), a womens tjukurpa. The minyma (women) would go to the kapi tjukurla (water hole) on top of the rocks at Antara. They would roll rocks from the top of the apu down the mountain. Then, the minyma would clean out the rockhole and wait for the rain to come. When the waterhole was full with water they would tap on the waters surface with a stick and sing inma and paluni inmaku pakani (dance ceremony). They would then dig under the Maku (witchetty bush) and would find Maku tjuta (enough Maku for everyone).

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